Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Do you rejoice in His Word?

When I saw this video I was immediately convicted.
It's a video of an Indonesian tribe receiving a New Testament Bible in their language for the first time. It contains some VERY powerful imagery.
While my emotions were undoubtedly stirred up for them, I became convicted at the same time. I quickly began thinking about my own life. I thought of how many times I have let my Bible sit on the shelf. I thought of how many times that I woke up and flippantly read the Word of God as if it were a chore, another thing on my checklist of things to do.
I own around 10 Bibles, and my wife has another 6 or 7. That's around 17 Bibles that are in my home and I think nothing of it. These Indonesians are rejoicing to own just 1 for their whole family. They are already planning on making it a family heirloom, something to be cherished for generations to come.
I'm not saying that we should have a parade and dance downtown because we have the ability to own a Bible, but I am asking why most of us don't rejoice at all. Why isn't it commonplace for us to praise God for allowing us to read, own, and study His Word? Why don't we teach our children that the Bible is something to revere and cherish? Why don't we teach them that it isn't just something to leave on a shelf or table? That it isn't just something that we carry with us on a Sunday morning? This is the Word of God. It's a way that God has chosen to reveal Himself and His character to us. That should be reason enough to make all of us celebrate.

As you watch this video I challenge you to think of your own life. Think about the way you read your Bible. Evaluate what it means to you that God has allowed you to live in a country where you can not only own a Bible, but can read it without fear of persecution or danger. What will you do with this gift He has given you? Will you steward it well? Will you rejoice in His written Word? Or will your Bible just be another book that sits on the shelf?